Welcome to the world of Nepali Data

Welcome to NepalDB.com. This is a teaser of a website that is coming in soon. This is a new age of Data. Data is power, data driver technology. Machine learning, deep learning artificial intelligence, all use data. Billions of bytes are computed per day over the world. It is said that at today’s age, data mining is a larger business than oil and mineral mining. Think about that !! It’s just astounding.

While the data seems big and scary and overwhelming, we would like to focus on a subset of it. The data that is related to Nepal. This website will bring you sets of data that are easy to consume.

Our vision is to become a one stop shop for the data that is related to Nepal. We will start with a fewer one, say database of Nepali movies, or Nepali albums or Nepali schools etc. and then will expand our scope to start providing commercial grade data related to a lot of things.

Just like a wall is build one brick a time, we will be adding datasets to this website, one at a time and keep adding/amending the data.

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