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NepalDB Project:

NepalDB.com is a project of Sanjaal Corps to provide data on any topics related to Nepal. Most of the datasets provided here are compiled by ourselves from various sources and are free to use. If website is useful to you, we request that you link to our data source. If you would like to contact us for edits, requests etc, you can email us at contact@sanjaal.com

Current Phase:

Currently we are in an infancy phase. While the data on this website is growing, we have collected a vast amount of data offline and are currently working on to make those data presentable. Many of our first phase publications will be tabular data, with no direct links to downloadable formats (e.g. JSON or CSV).

Future Phases:

In future phases, here is how we will expand:

  1. Provide directly downloadable data formats such as csv, json etc.
  2. Provide an API.
  3. Provide free data bundle that consists of various data sets that are already published but scattered across different posts.
  4. Provide commercial data bundle which might not have been published.

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