Premium Data

What is premium data?

Premium Data refers to the data we possess but have not released publicly in our website. The premium data contains either a full data set in itself, the data set itself remaining in unpublished condition or it may refer to additional data related to the data that is already published in our website.

How can you get access to our premium data?

Premium data, by general thumbs of rules is available for purchase. The data can be made available in various formats such as:

  • SQL Statements
  • Excel Document
  • JSON Extract
  • CSV Extract
  • Text etc.
How can I purchase the premium data?

You can send us an email to, once you review your request including the data set and the format that is being requested, we will provide you a quote. Once you decide to purchase the data, we will have you sign some legal documents (e.g. clause preventing you from data resell) and we clear the payment first using standard payment technologies and then will email you the extract or provide you the direct download link.

Can I resell the premium data that we brought from you?

The premium data is for your personal or commercial use. However, you are forbidden to resale the data. You will need to sign a document before a purchase can be made.

Page Last Updated: 5/26/2020