Nepali Color Names with Corresponding English Names

About this data:

This data provides the name of the colors in English and their corresponding Nepali Names.

Published On: 08/19/2020 Data Last Updated: 8/19/2020 Data Source: Sanjaal Corps Collection DISCLAIMER: Data can and will go stale over time. Please exercise your own personal judgement before using any of the data provided in here.

Color Name
English Roman Devanagari
Black Kaalo कालो
White Seto सेतो
Orange Suntale सुन्तले
Brown Khairo खैरो
Red Raato रातो
Green Hariyo हरियो
Yellow Pahelo पहेलो
Purple Pyaaji प्याजी
Pink Gulabi गुलाबी
Blue Nilo नीलो
SkyBlue Aakashe आकाशे
Crimson Simrik सिम्रिक
Grey Kharani खरानी

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