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Internet Service Providers Of Nepal – Full List

About this data: This data provides a tabular view of all the Internet Service Providers of Nepal (also known as ISPs or Network service providers. The data contains: Service Provider…

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List of 108 Upanishads from Hinduism

The following is a list of 108 Upanishads (religious/mythological books) from Hindu Religion. १.ईश = शुक्ल यजुर्वेद, मुख्य उपनिषद्२.केन उपनिषद् = साम वेद, मुख्य उपनिषद्३.कठ उपनिषद् = कृष्ण यजुर्वेद, मुख्य…

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Provinces of Nepal – Index

Nepal is divided into 7 provinces and 77 Districts (Previously 14 districts and 75 zones). Here is a list of all the current provinces of Nepal with their capitals, total…