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Internet Service Providers Of Nepal – Full List

About this data: This data provides a tabular view of all the Internet Service Providers of Nepal (also known as ISPs or Network service providers. The data contains: Service Provider…

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List of 108 Upanishads from Hinduism

The following is a list of 108 Upanishads (religious/mythological books) from Hindu Religion. १.ईश = शुक्ल यजुर्वेद, मुख्य उपनिषद्२.केन उपनिषद् = साम वेद, मुख्य उपनिषद्३.कठ उपनिषद् = कृष्ण यजुर्वेद, मुख्य…

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Kings of Nepal – Index

The following list is the index of all the royal kings of Nepal from the Shah Dynasty. Prithvi Narayan Shah Pratap Singh Shah Rana Bahadur Shah Girvan Yuddha Bikram Shah…