Finance Companies of Nepal (Class C)

This dataset contains a list of finance companies of Nepal which are classified as Class C. The bank code are also provided.

Published On: 4/13/2020
Data Source:
: Data can and will go stale over time. Please exercise your own personal judgement before using any of the data provided in here.

Bank CodeBank ClassificationBank Name
13031Finance Company (Class C) Best Finance Limited
13049Finance Company (Class C) Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Co. Limited
13039Finance Company (Class C) Central Finance Limited
13066Finance Company (Class C) City Express Finance Company Limited
13050Finance Company (Class C) Crystal Finance Limited
13018Finance Company (Class C) Goodwill Finance Limited
13052Finance Company (Class C) Guheshwori Merchant Banking & Finance Limited
13009Finance Company (Class C) Gurkhas Finance Limited
13059Finance Company (Class C) ICFC Finance Limited
13037Finance Company (Class C) Janaki Finance Co. Limited
13028Finance Company (Class C) Lalitpur Finance Co. Limited
13080Finance Company (Class C) Manjushree Financial Institution Limited
13042Finance Company (Class C) Multipurpose Finance Co. Limited
13002Finance Company (Class C) Nepal Finance Limited
13006Finance Company (Class C) Nepal Share Markets and Finance Limited
13038Finance Company (Class C) Pokhara Finance Limited
13033Finance Company (Class C) Progessive Finance Limited
13083Finance Company (Class C) Reliance Finance Limited
13048Finance Company (Class C) Samriddhi Finance Company Limited
13020Finance Company (Class C) Shree Investment & Finance Co. Limited
13044Finance Company (Class C) Shrijana Finance Limited
13030Finance Company (Class C) United Finance Co. Limited

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