Commercial Banks of Nepal (Class A)

This dataset contains a list of commercial banks of Nepal which are classified as Class B. The bank code are also provided.

Published On: 4/13/2020
Last Updated: 5/22/2020
Data Source:
Data can and will be stale over time.

Bank CodeBank ClassificationBank NameBranches
11018Commercial Bank (Class A) Agriculture Development Bank
11010Commercial Bank (Class A) Bank of Kathmandu Limited
11031Commercial Bank (Class A) Century Commercial Bank Limited
11020Commercial Bank (Class A) Citizens Bank International Limited
11030Commercial Bank (Class A) Civil Bank Limited
11009Commercial Bank (Class A) Everest Bank Limited
11019Commercial Bank (Class A) Global IME Bank Limited
11006Commercial Bank (Class A) Himalayan Bank Limited
11015Commercial Bank (Class A) Kumari Bank Limited
11016Commercial Bank (Class A) Laxmi Bank Limited
11014Commercial Bank (Class A) Machhapuchhre Bank Limited
11028Commercial Bank (Class A) Mega Bank Nepal Limited
11003Commercial Bank (Class A) Nabil Bank Limited
11008Commercial Bank (Class A) Nepal Bangaladesh Bank Limited
11001Commercial Bank (Class A) Nepal Bank LimitedView Branches
11011Commercial Bank (Class A) Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
11004Commercial Bank (Class A) Nepal Investment Bank Limited
11007Commercial Bank (Class A) Nepal SBI Bank Limited
11012Commercial Bank (Class A) NIC ASIA Bank Limited
11025Commercial Bank (Class A) NMB Bank Limited
11026Commercial Bank (Class A) Prabhu Bank Limited
11021Commercial Bank (Class A) Prime Commercial Bank Limited
11002Commercial Bank (Class A) Rastriya Banijya BankView Branches
11032Commercial Bank (Class A) Sanima Bank Limited
11017Commercial Bank (Class A) Siddhartha Bank Limited
11005Commercial Bank (Class A) Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited
11023Commercial Bank (Class A) Sunrise Bank Limited

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